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Lauren is an American actress who has the distinction of working on exciting projects both in the US and abroad.

Highlights of her career include:

  • Filming the short film A Burial Hymn in North Carolina, directed by Shaun Dozier.
  • Starring as Jenn in Neil Labute’s The Distance From Here at the Adrienne Theater Philadelphia.
  • Filming Unstoppable with Wesley Snipes, on location in Bulgaria.
  • Playing the role of Aubrey on Channel 4: UK’s sitcom Shane, along side British comedian Frank Skinner.
  • Appearing in ITV: UK’s sitcom Star, alongside Nicholas Holt.
  • Playing the role of Evelyn Munn in the The Children’s Hour, at the Union Theatre in London.
  • Playing June, in the radio drama of Maeve Binchy’s June’s Birthday for BBC Ireland
  • Starring in a series of television commercials for the BBC to promote new American programs coming to Channel 4.

 View Lauren's extended reel here.


Will Eno’s GNIT

Solvay, portrayed beautifully by Lauren Buglioli... Buglioli's Solvay is the real thing, a warm, loving, faithful creature who’s surely too good for a jerk like Gnit.
- Mark Leib, Creative Loafing

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Lauren Buglioli enchants as love-interest Solvay with earthy affection while efficiently pulling off a snide male bartender.
- Julie Aristo, Tampa Bay Times

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As for Buglioli, I saw her almost two years ago when she made for one of the finest Sally Bowles in Cabaret I have ever seen. Strong work in The Great Gatsby was followed by her extraordinarily hilarious turn as a daffy nun in Disaster: The Musical. She's just as good here, another standout performance, with her Solvay exuding loveliness. In other roles, her bartender was particularly memorable. In another part, donning black, she looks like a character straight out of La Dolce Vita. And her auctioneer had me laughing out loud.
- Peter Nason, Broadway World

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The Great Gatsby

Ms. Buglioli is a force of nature onstage, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot take your eyes off her whenever she's onstage.
- Broadway World

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"I so want to do this story justice — why (Daisy) is immortalized, why she is celebrated," Buglioli said. "Playing Daisy Buchanan is a dream come true."
- Tampa Bay Times

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Lauren Buglioli is nothing short of a revelation... It's a star turn, and Buglioli introduces herself into our theatre community with a bang.
- Broadway World

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CABARET [M.A.D. Theatre of Tampa]

As the Kit Kat Club star, British Sally Bowles, Lauren Buglioli was nothing short of a revelation. It's a gloriously rendered part, full of depth and passion, and yet she's also appropriately annoying, selfish, and oddly optimistic (to hide her underlying despair). It was a star turn, and Buglioli brilliantly introduced herself into our theatre community.
 Broadway World 

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